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Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Statue

Orlando Capital Improvement Program 2022

The city of Orlando is preparing its latest capital improvement program — tied to its annual budget — with several multimillion-dollar projects earmarked. The proposal for the city prices the capital improvement plan for fiscal 2022 at $146.69 million. That is slightly down from the prior fiscal year's adopted amount of $151.98 million. The city's capital improvement plan includes...

Disney World

Attractions in Orlando

Searching for all-new adventures and one-of-a-kind experiences? Come to Orlando! Our world-famous theme parks have all sorts of fresh surprises with more set to debut in the coming year, and that's on top of other recent and upcoming attractions throughout the destination. Featuring amazing worlds, white-knuckle rides and moments of sheer wonder, here's a peek at the latest ways to play in...

Keenes Pointe Lifestyle

Keene’s Pointe Lifestyle

We know for ourselves that each family has its own “perfect place” to live and grow together.A luxury subdivision is more than the beautiful properties you can own and live in… It is the LIFESTYLE that attracts each family to a specific area. A family living in a luxurious condo in downtown Orlando has a different lifestyle than a family in a single family home in Winter Park. We know Orlando best...

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