Real Estate investments for 2022 in the USA

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The idea of investing in something in the short or long term is always attractive, even more so when it comes to investing in a passive income; that is, an investment that generates a profit without having to intervene all the time to make it work properly.

This type of investment turns out to be quite appropriate for people who have capital funds to invest, but don’t have much time to dedicate to a new business. It is also a good option for those who have already retired and want to continue earning income, without having to spend much of their time on the source.

Among the large investments that generate a passive income we find the real estate business. Even if you don’t have a lot of capital funds, you can get a credit that allows you to buy a property and pay for it, ideally, with some of the income you might receive from the property profit.

Below are some ideas for investing that will give you new passive income opportunities.

Put up for rent a house

This is one of the most common investments around the world and it’s not for nothing. Renting a property generates a regular income and requires relatively low maintenance costs. The cost of the lease increases significantly depending on where the property is located, in addition to the characteristics of the property.

In pretty attractive places, such as Central Florida, the monthly rental value for a home is at least $1,500 USD. This price corresponds to the rental of a house of 2 to 3 bedrooms. The cost of rent increases according to the number of rooms, bathrooms, total area, additional amenities inside the house, as well as external factors such as proximity to schools, attractions, neighborhood, etc.

Take a look at the investment houses we have available. Most have attractive amenities and are located in excellent locations.

Buy a house for holiday rental

Some places are very attractive for tourists. This is the case of Florida, which during the last quarter of 2021 received 12 million foreign tourists. In such places it is a good idea to have a property to rent during the holiday season. The closer you are to the sights, the more sought after you will be. However, there are places a little further away from the attractions, but just as easily accessible and with less traffic or noise coming from the attractions.

Many people prefer a little more tranquility during their stay, even if it means 10 minutes more travel. Usually, these properties for rent have extra amenities, such as a swimming pool, an inner courtyard, playgrounds, etc. Of course, having these amenities the cost of rent is much higher than a house that does not have such amenities.

We have a wide range of investment houses. All located in an excellent tourist area. Just search below.

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Take your business to a better place

You may have a business that sells products or services and you’re looking for more customers. A good idea is to move your business to a place where more people travel, such as a place with tourist attractions and points of interest. To achieve this, it is best to buy an available space that serves to adapt your business. This is better than paying rent for premises, which are often expensive for the reasons mentioned above.

If you don’t have a business, but you would like to have one in a crowded place, there are people who are selling their businesses and they are close to attractive places. If you decide to buy one of these businesses, there is a high probability that your business will always have traffic, especially during the holidays.

In either case, you can start your search by clicking here.

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Get a commercial property

You can be part of a dream having a commercial space that you can rent for other people to put their business there. If your premises are large enough, have good access and are close to places of interest; the rental price will be high and you will have more income.

We offer multiple options of commercial listings located in Central Florida tourist areas. Click here to meet them.

Buy a Vacant lot

By buying a lot you have the possibility to use it for different purposes. You can even have the lot and wait a while to sell it again, if it has been overvalued. However, the most common uses are to build a house, a commercial space or if it is large enough, you can even build apartments, several houses, a hotel or even a shopping center.

Keep in mind that in such a project you need more investment, but it will have a higher return, especially if the lot is located in an attractive location.

Check out our lots for sale by clicking here and let your imagination run wild.

Become a hotel owner

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If you dare to dream big, you can aspire to earn a large passive income by owning a hotel. Even if you don’t have all the capital funds for the purchase and initial operation of the hotel, you have multiple options to access a credit that will allow you to make your dream come true.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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