We know for ourselves that each family has its own “perfect place” to live and grow together.
A luxury subdivision is more than the beautiful properties you can own and live in… It is the LIFESTYLE that attracts each family to a specific area.

A family living in a luxurious condo in downtown Orlando has a different lifestyle than a family in a single family home in Winter Park.

We know Orlando best areas offering the different lifestyles you have been looking for and that is a KEY element to represent our sellers selling their homes as well as understand our buyers looking for that specific lifestyle when they are looking their Dream Home. 

The Golden Bear Club

Keenes Pointe Lifestyle
Golden Bear Club


Keene’s Pointe Lifestyle.

After living for so many years in Keene’s Pointe, we know for ourselves that is more than an upscale community… It is a Lifestyle.”

We have lived in 4 different communities and Keene’s Pointe is the Best Place for a family to live, from the STRONG sense of “Community”… everybody cares about each other…. To the amazing people we have met…the incredible life your kids can have in a safe environment, with beautiful playgrounds, access to the lakes perfect to enjoy and practice water sports.

Lake Burden

Keenes Pointe Lake

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts at the Golden Bear Club

Being part of this amazing lifestyle for so many years has become an added value to our listings, we don’t only sell the Home itself, we sell all the amazing life experience is coming with it.